Calcium Carbonate – CS90® – Directly Compressible!


Introducing CS90­­®, a spray dried calcium carbonate from SPI Pharma. Specifically designed for direct compression and chewable tablets.

The feel of tablets and capsules is important to consumers. Why not better enhance mouth feel of tablets by making them chewable?

Three benefits of CS90­­® include:

  • Being cost effective – saving time and money by direct compression. CS90 is a highly compactible compound – allowing for more room for actives, or for making a smaller tablet.
  • Homogeneity – uniform particles, ensuring excellent flowability through machines.
  • Versatile – can be used as an excipient or active in a variety of applications.

Applications include: chewables, gummies, sachets, and effervescents.

To start making a difference to your formulations, contact us or request a sample.