Effer-Soda – an Introduction


Effer-Soda ® by SPI Pharma is a surface-modified sodium bicarbonate. Made for more than just effervescent formulation. It’s highly compactible, free-flowing, and has great humidity resistance – preventing premature effervescence.

Uses for Effer-Soda® include:

  • An effervescent
  • An alkaliser
  • A taste modifier

Why consider Effer-soda®?

  • It is highly stable
  • Has consistent quality
  • Designed for easy manufacture of effervescent powders and tablets
  • Is type IV USDMF
  • Can be packaged in blisters and sachets
  • Desiccant skin of Effer-Soda® adsorbs slight moisture from packaging

Discover the difference with Effer-Soda®, solely distributed by Anzchem in Australia and New Zealand.

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