Sepistab™ ST 200 and Sepismart™ SR: Versatile and Natural Solutions for Formulations


Are you looking for versatile and natural solutions for your pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations? Look no further than Sepistab™ ST 200 and Sepismart™ SR.


Sepistab™ ST 200 is a partially pre-gelatinised starch that is perfect for a wide range of pharmaceutical applications. It can serve as a filler, anti-capping agent, binder, disintegrant, or flowing agent, making it a versatile ingredient for your formulation needs. This granulated product also offers excellent flow and disintegration for capsule filling and superior flow, disintegration, and binding for direct compression tableting.


In addition, Sepistab™ ST 200 is in compliance with the European Pharmacopoeia, and it offers greater hardness and improved disintegration compared to native corn starch. This makes it an ideal replacement for polymeric binders and superdisintegrants. With its numerous benefits, Sepistab™ ST 200 is an excellent choice for your pharmaceutical formulation needs.


For nutraceutical formulations, Sepismart™ SR is an excellent natural solution for sustained release. This product is a combination of acacia and xanthan gums that can deliver higher absorption, marketing differentiation, and dosage optimization. Sepismart™ SR is also an easy-to-use direct compression excipient that is compatible with both tablet coating and hard capsules.


Unlike traditional cellulose derivatives, Sepismart™ SR offers consumers reduced daily intake and improved effectiveness of their supplements. It's a natural alternative that can set your nutraceutical formulations apart from the competition.


Both Sepistab™ ST 200 and Sepismart™ SR offer unique benefits for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulations. Whether you need a versatile pharmaceutical ingredient or a natural solution for sustained release in nutraceuticals, these products can deliver. Discover the benefits of Sepistab™ ST 200 and Sepismart™ SR for your next formulation project.

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