Sepitone™, Healthy Glow from the Inside Out.


Healthy skin is influenced by three major parameters, colour, evenness, and smoothness. Including antioxidants in a diet can play a significant role for improving one’s healthy glow.

Nutricosmetics is a category of beauty products that sits within the nutraceutical and human nutrition umbrella; and is more than just vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Whilst nutricosmetics are nutritional, they also provide beauty benefits from the inside out.

Enter Sepitone™, a healthy glow from the inside out.

Fermentation is not all about kombucha and sauerkraut, it is also for nutraceutical supplements too!

Fermenting bilberries for dietary intake has many benefits. These include:

  1. A rich source of naturally produced antioxidants
  2. Anthocyanins in bilberries polymerise in fermentation into polycatechocyanidins, which has superior antioxidant power, in comparison to vitamin E and vitamin C alone.
  3. These polycatechocyanidins also bind to collagen, aiding in healthy ageing; and also decrease sun damage, increase blood circulation, and improve vision.

More about Sepitone™:

  1. It contains fermented bilberry extract, which has a powerful antioxidant
  2. Natural. Non-GMO, Preservative and Additive free, vegan
  3. It’s a water-soluble powder, for formulating into tablets, capsules, and beverages.

Sepitone™, manufactured in France by Seppic, is the perfect fermented bilberry ingredient for your next Beauty From Within product.

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