Pharmaceutical Excipients

Anzchem: Your Trusted Partner for High-Quality Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Products.

At Anzchem, we are committed to helping our customers produce high-quality finished pharmaceutical and nutritional products in a regulated environment. We offer a broad range of functional excipients that are designed to be inert and cost-effective. These materials cover the excipient range for various dosage forms, including value-added platforms in the form of new drug delivery systems.

In addition to excipients, we also supply both gelatin and vegetable origin capsules. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions for your next pharmaceutical or nutraceutical formulation.

Our current product range includes antacids, binders and fillers, disintegrants, emulsifiers, tablet film coating, hard gelatin and vegetable capsules, controlled release and enteric polymers, surfactants, solubilizers, lubricants, as well as natural and synthetic sweeteners.

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